starting piano lessons


As a lot of you know I have a huge passion for music. Music is an amazing way of expressing our thoughts and feelings most commonly interpreted through lyric writing. I myself am a Singer/ Songwriter but I also have a drive to learn more about the music industry and to build up my confidence as a musician.

Over the last 10-12 years I have had much involvement with music and learnt various instruments including the recorder (not by choice), piano, flute, and guitar. I also took GCSE music and continued further to do a level 3 Music Performance course (equivalent to 4 A-levels) at Access to Music. I was very happy to get a distinction* at the end of my first year despite struggling a lot with my health as it started to interfere with my studies. I started my second year in September 2015 but unfortunately after only two weeks into the term my health started to deteriorate even more to the stage I was told by medical professionals that I needed to leave education as I was too poorly to continue. This has lead to me deferring a year in hope that I can return in September 2016.

Through illness and struggle I decided I wanted to carry on my music in any way that I could so about a month ago I had my first piano lesson, and I absolutely LOVED it! I have an amazing teacher and he is only just a 2 minute drive up the road which is perfect for me which means I don’t get too fatigued before I even get there. Although I have only had 3 lessons so far I am learning quickly and my teacher seems to be pretty impressed with what I have learnt so far which is good and gives me that extra bit of confidence to push myself that tiny bit further. My teacher is lovely and very understanding of my illnesses which really helps me. I am only able to tolerate a half an hour lesson every two weeks at the moment but it’s so good for me to get out and just focus on my music for a tiny bit. I am so excited to learn more and can’t wait until I can build up my stamina to hopefully have a half an hour lesson every week.

I have bought myself a lovely new Yamaha keyboard to practice on which is great because I can play from my bed without tiring myself out more by getting up and going in another room. Hopefully as I regain some of my strength I will be able to do that but at the moment playing from my bed works best. I try to do 10 minutes practice every day even if I have to do 5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the afternoon as long as I am able to do that I know that I have accomplished my goal.

13059729_1269256026422594_222738504_nAt the moment It’s hard to concentrate and remember what I’m playing and a lot of the music terminology that I once knew despite having excellent knowledge of this before I got very sick. I am trying really hard to learn and thrive in my piano playing and I’m so excited to learn more and hopefully do really well and be able to do my grades!

I will keep you all posted and up to date with how I’m getting on with my lessons and what sort of things I am learning. This is what I am working on at the moment.


I feel so lucky to be able to learn piano and I am so excited about learning more and more and expand my knowledge in this instrument!

Hope you’re all having a fab Thursday and will continue to keep up to date with my blog. Feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer as soon as I can.

All my love,




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