Surviving hospital with M.E

As most of you will know and may possibly have experienced, trips and admissions to hospital can be tough and pretty tiring on anyone. For myself and others with M.E it can be even tougher and leave us bedridden for days, weeks and sometimes months after. In this post I will be talking about my personal experiences of being in hospital and what helped me to deal with my M.E enough to survive my visit. I will talk about things that helped me to cope and things that I think are absolute necessities to take in your overnight bag.

I have been admitted to hospital three times since being diagnosed with my M.E. I suffer badly with my M.E at home let alone in a noisy and loud hospital environment. In February I was in hospital for three nights due to severe stomach pain and queried appendicitis, but luckily after blood tests and scans I was told that I just had a bad virus and I was allowed to go home and rest. My hospital stay however was made extremely difficult and so much more draining due to my M.E which got so much worse day by day as my body struggled to cope with everything going on and I struggled to function. It took me a few weeks of staying in bed and resting before my body was strong enough to deal with small activities like going and sitting in the garden for 10 mins or spending time with my family for half an hour once or twice every week. Luckily I then recovered enough to then start building myself up to how I was before I went into hospital and to be perfectly honest it was a real struggle but I did get there slowly.

When you have a chronic illness hospital stays can be such an awful experience and so exhausting on your body which is why it’s good to know what sort of things to pack in your bag if you do have to go into hospital. I hope that from experience I can give you a rough idea of what to take in your bag if you do need to stay overnight, (although I really hope you won’t have to deal with the stress of staying in hospital)!

Below are items that I take in my bag and have found helpful to have when staying in hospital, I have highlighted in pink selected items I feel are the necessities you need for a hospital stay . – Feel free to add any extra items that I haven’t mentioned in the comments below.

PYJAMAS are a must have, those hospital gowns they give you are mega uncomfortable and revealing so make sure you remember to pack a couple of pairs! I also like to take my EYE MASK and EARPLUGS so that if its to noisy I can just put them in and when I get light sensitive or need to sleep in the day an eye mask is a fab idea to block out all of the light.

I also definitely recommend taking a nice WARM BLANKET that you can wrap up in if you find hospital blankets to thin. I also take a FAVOURITE TEDDY, it is important that you make yourself as comfortable as you can because it’s not the same laying in a hospital bed compared to your bed at home.

A MUST have for all of you, however more so with us suffering with chronic illnesses is to remember to take ALL OF OUR MEDICATION we are taking because from personal experience I forgot to take mine one time and the hospital had a shortage one of my medications which meant that I missed a few doses before my family bought me mine from home.

As some of you may know and for those who don’t hospital can be very boring and get pretty lonely, (unless you make friends with the person in the bed next to you). I always make sure to get together a few bits and pieces that will keep me occupied in between having tests and seeing doctors. I love to take a COLOURING BOOK AND CRAYONS, it can be very therapeutic or sometimes I might want to take my KNITTING or my favourite thing to do is WRITING LETTERS, I love keeping in touch with everyone and who doesn’t love getting a hand written letter in the post!?



It’s also a good idea if you pack NECESSITY ITEMS like UNDERWEAR, a TOWEL for a bath or shower (plus SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER), BODY WASH, a FLANNEL and a little bit gross but something that I class as a necessity item is my SICK BOWL (I take it most places I go, just in case) but also because I really hate those brown cardboard bowls they give you in hospital! I sometimes take my HOT WATER BOTTLE which you can ask the nurses on the ward to do for you as well.

I hope that this post has been helpful and I hope you don’t but if you do have to stay in hospital then I hope you will remember some of these key items to make your stay more comfortable and bearable. The chances are your M.E will probably flare up and leave you quite poorly because going into hospital is a strain on anybody let alone someone with M.E. This post is just giving my opinion what you should take and the things that I think might help your M.E and even for those with other chronic illnesses. The earplugs and eye mask are the best things that I take, especially as I am quite sensitive to light and noise.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I’m sorry if I’ve missed anything out so please do leave a comment below and please don’t forget to subscribe and keep up to date with my blog posts.

All my love,

Meg x


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