Missing out on education when you have a chronic illness 

I left college nearly a year ago now and for me and many others with chronic illnesses we are sometimes too unwell to continue with our education and are forced to sign off our courses. I know that when I went into college for the last time to sign off my course it really made me quite upset and brought me into realisation how poorly I really am.

I struggled for the last few college months that I was there for and as my health continued getting worse and worse, I was lucky to even finish my first year so I’m grateful for that. I missed a lot of my deadlines and I struggled to keep up in class, I could barely manage to be in a whole lesson and struggled to not to fall asleep part way through. I would get headaches, dizziness, light/ noise sensitivity and a whole bunch of other symptoms but I pushed myself so hard to finish with a distinction * which I did so it was all worth the pain and sickness in the end. I was very lucky to have such caring and supportive tutors who went beyond their limits to help push me to finish and that is something that I am extremely grateful for.


Growing up we have our dreams, plans and hopes for our future and to get so far and then having to stop our education, for me that was totally soul destroying.

During my first year at college I had made so many friends and loved going out shopping and going to gigs when I could. When I was forced to leave my education due to my health I also found that I also left all of my college friends behind me. I’m lucky that I have a couple of friends who have stuck by me through it all which I am so grateful for because once I became ill I lost so many friends/ family. It’s like they no longer want to be around me because I’m not well and I can’t go out with them anymore.

It’s now a year later and as I watch my friends return to college or start their university courses it makes me very upset and angry that I can’t be doing those things too.

Despite having so much taken away from me I still have my musical ability which I am still using for my weekly piano lessons which I love! I will also be able to go back to college when I have recovered enough to cope with the demands of my course.


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All my love,

Meg x


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